aparate gërryes për prerjen e ujit

aparat gërryes për prerjen e ujit


We like to introduce our Vegla Makinerie ACCURL CNC (Anhui) Co, LTD, we manufactures complete CNC Water Jet cutting machines, which are highly productive with low downtime and can work continuously - 24 hours a day. ACCURL CNC Machine Tools (Anhui) Co., LTD uses heavy duty steel frame system for the machine Gantry and the tank is made with high grade Stainless Steel. The guiding system is separated from the tank, thus avoiding any thermal stress on the guiding system due to heated up water in the tank. The machine movement is built on ball screws and LM guiding system for better accuracy.

1. Wide range of materials

The Water-Jet can work with a wide variety of materials, ranging from metals to ceramics, composites, glasseven marble and granite etc..

2 . Quality finish

The finish provided by the water Jet Machine is a smooth sandblasted finish. No rough edges, burrs or jagged ends.

3. No heat in machining process

Because the abrasive jet uses water and abrasive, the material is not heated up significantly during the cutting process. This makes the Water Jet Machine ideal for materials that are affected or deformed by heat, such as titanium.

4. Environment friendly

The Water Jet Machine uses water and garnet to cut. Garnet is an inert gemstone, which can be disposed of in the municipal waste stream. No toxic fumes are produced during machining.

5. No tool changing

You don't need to change cutting tools with the Water Jet Machining. One nozzle is used to machine all the different types of materials and shapes, saving time and the expense of multiple cutting tools.

6. Minimal burr

Using the abrasive jet, there is little or no burr in most materials.

7. Quick to program

The Water Jet Machine comes complete with a comprehensive CNC program.

8. Complement existing tools, used for either primary or secondary operations

9. Reduce setup times


Little or no side force on the material being machined reduces the need to complex fixtures and greatly speeds setup times.

Cutting Technology

Water Jet cutting uses high pressure water to cut softer material like rubber and foam. When abrasives are added to high pressure water the resulting abrasive jets cuts harder material like steel, glass, titanium, hard rock, bullet-proof glass, and ceramics etc. The high pressure water is forced through a tiny orifice to concentrate high energy in a tiny area to cut. The water is pressurized using an intensifier pump to a pressure of 4150 bar (60,000 psi) and forced through a tiny orifice of 0.15 mm to 0.35 mm diameter creating a high velocity of beam.

Avantazhet e Water Jet cutting

Cold cutting process: Abrasive Water Jet cutting do not produce any heat affected zones and the maximum temperature at the nozzle while piercing is found to be 50°C and is quiet less while cutting.

Environment friendly:

With Water and sand as cutting medium, no hazardous wastes are generated and the cutting process is environmental friendly. High thickness cutting: Abrasive Water Jet can cut upto 170 mm Stainless Steel; 250 mm Aluminium; 300 mm Titanium.

Typical Material:

Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Composites, Marble, Tiles Exotic alloys & Rubber etc.

High Accuracy:

Water Jet cutting machines can cut material with a positional accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm.

The indicated value refer to a measured length of 1000 m at RT 20 C +1 C according to VDI/DGQ3441. Machine virtually can cut any 2D shape: Abrasive Water Jet can cut any 2 dimensional profile from most of the material.

High edge quality:

Leaves a satin smooth finish thus reduces secondary operations

Minimal or no fixtures required :

As the force of the water jet is vertically down, no fixtures are required for most of the material due to negligible side forces. Thin sheets may require some weight to be placed.

Saves raw material : When machining or roughing out expensive materials such as titanium, the scrap still has a high value. This is because they will give chunks, not chips. It is possible to get more parts from the same material because of the abrasive jets low kerf width.

One tool universal application :

Water Jet uses one cutting head for all material or operation, no need to change tool based on material or operation. The figure shows the machining of 2D shape with single tool for multiple operations such as slots, radii, holes, and profile in 1 to 2 minute setup

Water Jet cutting technology is well suited for cutting various material due to its versatility and advantages. Typical applications of Water Jet cutting are Stainless Steel fabrication, floor designs in marble/tiles, letter cutting in brass/steel, cutting of bullet proof glass and composites for aircraft industry. Water Jet cutting finds applications with the following industry and material.

Koka prerëse

Vegla Makinerie ACCURL CNC (Anhui) Co, LTD offers an abrasive cutting-head system with extremely high efficiency and durable cutting nozzles. The cutting head provides precise alignment of the water and the focusing nozzle, provides perfect repetition accuracy and exceptional cutting speed by means of a consistently tightly concentrated jet of water and abrasive.

Sand Feeder

Sand Feeder feeds sand to the metering system of each cutting head. It also constantly monitors the availability of sand and provides the operator with warning signals and message on a display in case the system runs out of sand.


Vegla Makinerie ACCURL CNC (Anhui) Co, LTD provides complete solution to cutting by providing the suitable CAD/CAM software for various applications. Water Jet Germany Private Limited also provides the years of its experience in cutting various materials by providing the most optimum feed rate for different materials in the software.

Support 24x7

Vegla Makinerie ACCURL CNC (Anhui) Co, LTD provides after sales service support for its machine to its customers. accurl believes in the fact that by solving customer problems and increasing productivity of our machines will help building long term relationships. Its Engineers provide telephonic and online support 24 hours a day all throughout the year at various locations to solve the problem of programming or consult the customer on new applications.