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ZY 1530 makinë prerëse me lazer të lartë


CNC laser cutting machine (From 1000w-4200w)
Adopt the high- strength molded aluminum alloy beams of independent property right

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accurl-1530High power laser cutting machine
CNC laser cutting machine (From 1000w-4200w)
Adopt the high- strength molded aluminum alloy beams of independent property rights and with finite element and dynamic simulation analysis to achieve to the highly match of the strength rigidity and servo driver’s acceleration and deceleration together with CNC system.

Adopt the high-precision ball screws and linear guiders of internationally renowned brand ,together with good lubricity to ensure the stability and reliability ,and the long-term stability of the running precision .
Adopt the integral high rigid load-bearing beams of the third generation of dual-drive gantry structure ,conquered the defects of split processing in the past and precision inconsistent in installation, to ensure the long-term stability of the axial flying optical path and the geometric accuracy .
Be equipped with the full compensation device in optical path of autonomous developed ,to ensure the consistency of the beam diameter and the constancy of the focus in the entire range of processing .
Adopt the advanced optical path shaping techniques to ensure the constancy of the beam diameter in processing area, with reduced the number of lens in conventional optical system, it makes the optical path simpler.
Adopt the outer optical path components from American II-VI company, to avoid producing condensing on the lens ,an independent cooling system is used .
Adopt the automatic centralized lubrication system ,conquered the blindness of maintenance by the automatic lubricating to transmission parts ,to ensure the equipment be in an excellent state for a long time ,so as to ensure the accuracy and service life of transmission parts.
Be equipped with an automatic focusing system ,that is able to automatically set the focus position for deferent material and the thickness ,which greatly improved the processing efficiency .
A good dust removal system is the basis to ensure the long-term stability of cutting ,the partition and timeshare dust removal structure ensures the cutting position of rapid response to achieve the best effect of dust removal.
Be equipped with the optical path gas compensation function that can avoid diffraction and divergence of the beam during the conduction process by gas disturbance ,and can always maintain the positive pressure of clean gas in the optical cavity to prevent external smoke and enter in .
The cooling unit has two sets of independent water supply system ,one is the cooling laser source ,the other is the separate cooling outer optical path ,with low –temperature –start function ,the LED of which shows the temperature state and has the function of fault diagnosis display .
Adopt the flying optical path structure ,which can load and unload work pieces from three directions ,make the proximity of man and machine excellent ,and can be placed in more that 3 meters in length .
The CNC controller PA 8000 is imported from Germany ,with genuine windows XP,high-capacity storage ,ultra high-speed computing ,and it’s stable and reliable .
Resuming broken cutting path
The most perfect function in current industry of resuming broken cutting path .Even power is out suddenly ,NT CNC controller can resume broken cutting path,to save material cost .
Frog Jumping
Setting rapid moving in 3D ,to short rapid moving distance whch improves cutting efficiency
Pre-piercing function .
Pre-piercing all before cutting ,to save piercing time and reduce accumulated heat effect
Frequency and focusing piercing
Piercing with high frequency and focusing ,to reduce thick plates piercing time shortly ,which improves piercing efficiency greatly .
cutting speed and laser power output
Control laser power output according to axes moving speed to ensure sharp angles cutting effects.
High-pressureN2 gas cutting
Cutting thick plates (stainless steel ,Aluminum )with high –pressure N2 gas without oxidation.
Automatic aligning
Work pieces can be placed at any direction.ith automatic aligning function of NT CNC controller, machine can find out edges and rotate cutting shape at calculated angle automatically ,which saves lots of adjustment time and improves work efficiency greatly
Scanning cutting (Flying cutting )
Cutting along one axis to reduce lots of rapid moving position time(Thin plate)
Spline interpolation
Spine interpolation: cutting curves with automatic spline interpolation to get smooth cutting path.
Small holes function
Processing with pulsed laser output that reduces the heat on material ,small hold which dia-meter is smaller than the thickness can be achieved .
Automatic focusing system and up-down following system
Adopt import of non-contact capacitive sensor ,to achieve the cutting head automatic focus and up-down following ,And more with int series laser ,frequency and focusing high speed cutting can be achieved ,ness can achieved .
Int Series intelligent lasers
Int series intelligent lasers are of extraordinary high photoelectric conversion efficiency -24% double times NT-SM Basic lasers’,which cuts down user’s 40% electricity cost ,compared to NT-SM basic lasers.
With the INT intelligent laser switched to stand-by mode,the consumptions of power and lasergas are lowed ,from which the total energy cost is only 1.1RMB per hour ,Working mode can be switched on by a single press of the button.

Item No.accurl1530accurl1560D
Maximum X Axis travel3050mm3050*2mm
Maximum Y Axis travel1550mm1550mm
Maximum Z Axis travel150mm150mm
X Axis Rapid speed60m / min60m / min
Y Axis Rapid speed60m / min60m / min
Z Axis Rapid speed in down direction20m / min20m / min
Shpejtësia e prerjes20m / min20m / min
Position Accuracy(x/y axis)± 0.03mm± 0.03mm
Repeatability Accuracy(x/y axis)± 0.01mm± 0.01mm
Maximum working envelope3050*1550mm1550*(3050+3050mm
Maximum loading weight1T1.5T
Cutting Accuracy± 0.05mm± 0.05mm
Style of tablePallets moving in planePallets moving in plane


Auxiliary Gas O210bar10bar
Auxiliary Gas dry air10bar10bar
Auxiliary Gas N225bar25bar
Burim lazerInt-1000sm-int-4200smInt-1000sm-int-4200sm
Laser transmission modeFlying optical pathFlying optical path
CNC controller (mode)PA-8000(Made in Germany)PA-8000(Made in Germany)
CNC controller(Axes QTY)X.Y1.Y2.ZZ.Y1.Y2.Z
CNC Controller(simultaneous controller axes qty)44
CNC controller display size1.5’’LCD1.5’’LCD
CNC controller memoryRAM 2G Hard driver160GRAM 2G Hard driver160G
Furnizimi me energji elektrikeAC 380±2% 50/60HZAC 3 380±2% 50/60HZ