fletë metalike makine prerëse plazma 3D të vërtetë të cnc-it

Makinë për prerjen e plazmës 3D

Metal Sheet 3D True Hole CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

CNC Micro Edge PRO Plasma Cutting Machine is one of our most popular machines.

We are professional manufacturer of CNC plasma and flame cutting machine.
Our CNC system contain Hypertherm Micro EDGE PRO, EDGE PRO, SJTU-SK, HC6500, etc.

All the above cutting machines have plasma and oxy-fuel flame options.

Our main products are: Makinë prerëse e plazmës CNC, CNC Flame Cutting Machine, CNC Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutter, CNC Flame Cutter, CNC Plate Cutting Machine, CNC Cutting Machine, CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, CNC Profile Cutting Machine, CNC Pipe Cutter, CNC Plate Cutter, Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine, Cutting Table, Gantry Type Cutting Machine, pipe fixed-length cutting machine, CNC bevel cutting machine, CNC pipe beveling machine, Micro EDGE PRO System Cutting Machine, etc.

Plasma: Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Kjellberg, Tayor LGK, ESAB, etc,

CNCTG series cutting table
  Economical and Practical
    Good finish surface, almost no secondary treatment
  Simple to use
  No need more foundation preparation, space saving
  Split-type designing, Facilitate loading and transport
  G code and M code recognizable
CNCTMG series cutting table
 High speed and precision
 Compact and integral structure
 Precision linear guide driving
 Great finish surface, dispense with secondary treatment
 Excellent running stability and higher precision cutting ability
 G Code and M code recognizable
CNCDG/CNCSG series gantry type cutting machine
 Heavy-duty and Durable
 CNC Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting torch
 Beveling and strip cutting torch
 Integrated auto-ignition with automatic height controller
 Various optional items, expand machine capacity
 G code and M code recognizable
CNCXG series pipe cutting machine
 Efficiency and flexible
 3D Cutting and beveling
 Oxy-fuel and Plasma cutting module
 Touch screen panel, convenient and fast data inputting
 Compatible with Steel Structure design software
 Maximum cutting pipe diameter 1500mm

Gantry Type CNC Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine

Gantry and box type welded structure, annealed, long service life, steady and durable under heavy load and high duty cycle condition.

Gapless gearing transmit, stable and smooth running in high speed, so that we can achieve excellent cutting quality.

Integrated auto-ignition with automatic height controller, keep the proper height between cutting torch and work piece, so that we can achieve the best cutting quality.
Able to cut work piece with several torches at the same time, can improve cutting efficiency

Low use and maintenance cost, dispensing special maintenance, friendly operator interface, easy to learn

Reliable, safe cnc system, automatic programming, optimization nesting and piercing path, so that we can save steel effectively

Optional items:

Powder marking device
Straight line stripe cutting torch
Straight line triple beveling torch
Rotary triple flame curve beveling torch
Rotary plasma curve beveling torch
Blow and draft dust and fume collection system
Water surface and underwater cutting table

Cutting Technical Data
Effective Cutting Width (mm)2200270032004200520062007200
Track Width (mm)3000350040005000600070008000
Effective Cutting Length (m)2m less than track length
Cutting Thickness(mm)Flame:5-120(Max 300mm)  Plasma:1-80
Komponentët themelorë
Mënyra e prerjesPlasma and Oxy-Fuel/Flame
Modaliteti i makinësServo motor, Dual-drive
Prerja e numrit të pishtaritCustomization
Motori i drejtimitPanasonic/Yaskawa
Kontrolluesi CNCHypertherm EDGE Pro/Micro EDGE Pro, LKNC-3200, SJTU-SK, Burny
Available Plasma PowerHypertherm, Kjellberg, Thermal Dynamics, ESAB
Programe programimiFastcam, SmartNest, Hypertherm
Supply power voltage3×380V±10% 50HZ/according to user's local condition
Gjuha e operacionitMultilanguage


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