Makinë prerëse lazer me fije lazer 750w CNC

cnc makinë prerëse lazer

Kjo makineri për prerjen me lazer fletë metalike, is ACCURL laser hardware industry according to the needs of research and development of thin metal fiber laser cutting machine, the use ofgantry double drive structure,high precision rack rail drive,WEIHONG CNC laser cutting system,high precision collision Laser cutting head,reinforced welding bed, the whole stableandreliable, flexible operation and simple, high-speed drillingto achieve cutting function, professional cutting all kinds of sheet metal, precision accessories, hardware tools, gifts and other metal materials.

Detaje të shpejta

Aplikimi: Prerja me lazer
Gjendja: E re
Lloji i lazerit: lazer me fibra
Applicable Material: Other
Trashësia e prerjes: Materialet
Sipërfaqja e prerjes: 1500 * 3000 mm
Shpejtësia e prerjes: 0-40000mm / min
CNC ose Jo: Po
Mënyra e ftohjes: ftohja e ujit
Control Software: WEIHONG
Graphic Format Supported: Other
Certification: Other
Shërbimi pas shitjes i ofruar: Inxhinierë të disponueshëm për makineri shërbimi jashtë shtetit
Emri i produktit: Makinë e prerjes me lazer me fibra
Funksioni: Prerja e materialeve metalike
Lloji: Fiber Lasr Cutting
Name: CNC fiber laser cutting machine
Zona e punës: 1500mmX3000mm / 2000mmX4000mm / 2000mmmX6000mm
Keyword: Makinë e prerjes me lazer me fibra
Laser power: 750w


materialTrashësia (mm)Cutting Speed(m/min)gaz
Steelelik inox1240N
Steeleliku i karbonit1150O


a, For the best wavelength and best beam quality for metal processing, fiber lasers are the least expensive to cut.
b, Maintenance-free, long life, is 10 times longer life of CO2glass.
c,Laser with high stability, greatly reducing the requirements of laser quality control in operation.
d,Ultra-low cost, laser power consumption is only 0.5 to 1.5 degrees per hour ; blowing air can cut all kinds of sheet metal.
e, High-performance, imported factory-packaged fiber laser, stable performance, service life of up to 100,000 hours.
f,High speed, high efficiency, cutting sheets up to tens of met
ers per minute speed.
g, Good quality for cutting edge, small deformation, the appearance of a smooth, perfect.


1.Lower power consumption

2.Lower cooling requirements

3.Higher spot quality

4.Lower consumption

5.High stability

6.High efficiency and low cost

High - precision digital anti - collision laser cutting head

The cutting head is equipped with extremely sensitive non-contact capacitive sensing device, can achieve a very stable Z-axis automatic tracking function, eliminating the uneven sheet on the cutting quality of the impact, thereby improving the product's pass rate.

The laser cutting machine is equipped with a focus lens to meet the needs of customers cutting the plate.


Using professional chiller by refrigerant control circuit, high precision temperaturecontroller control and display water temperature aromatically.

Running high efficiency low noise, The product internal water tank and pipe is made of stainless steel plate production, the external sheet metal parts are all made of electrostatic sprayingCoating, which can effectively prevent rust; Use clean water deionized water so as to improve the efficiency of laser equipment and life.

Applicable industries and materials

Advertising industry: stainless steel cutting, galvanized sheet cutting, cold plate cutting, carbon steel cutting, all kinds of advertising sheet metal, logo producing.

Industrial industry: aluminum, copper, titanium, metal hollow, handicrafts, stainless steel, cold plate, carbon steel, all kinds of metal sheet cutting.

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